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Customer Service Training

In todays competitive business world, excellent service delivery is at the heart of increasing your businesses' profits and developing a loyal tribe of repeat customers. We offer clear, effective and easy to implement customer service training, teaching your staff how to: Customer Service Training
Onsite & Offsite Workshops; 1. Create a pleasant shopping experience for the customer, from the minute they engage with the business to the point of making a purchase. 2. Increase sales and profits by upselling and cross selling your products. 3. Retain customers, using industry best practices to satisfactorily handle customer objections and resolve complaints.
Mystery Shopper Feedback
Handbook on How to deal with difficult Customers
Handbook on How To Build on your existing Customers
How to have happy and dedicated Employees
Ongoing Support

Agricultural Consulting & Farming Solutions

Are you Interested in farming? Perhaps you have already started but want to maximise your productivity. Our expert team is here to help you establish the best practices in farm management and offering the following services that every successful farmer may needs: Bookkeeping Services, to ensure your business strategy remains profitable. Legal support: Providing compliant and suitable, Farmer to Buyer Supply Contracts Employee Training Introducing Farmers to competitive Buyers in Agricultural and Livestock markets. Soil Assessments, to increase your productivity and protect your environment Farm Safety Measures, helping you run a Health and Safety compliant business Ongoing Support, keeping you updated with the latest trends and research in the Agricultural space.

“Miss K and her team are really magicians, l came to them with a project that was very last minute and they managed to deliver in less than 24hrs. Everything was perfect and the service outstanding”

Sheila – Afari Group


Who We Are

We are an organisation passionate about serving all our clients in the best way possible. Whether your business is a small, medium or large corporate enterprise, we have the expertise required to develop your People and increase your Profitability. We love creating environments where businesses grow with Consulting , employees thrive through effective Training and Engagement. If you are in the Retail, Service delivery or Farming and Agriculture space, we have the perfect Business Consutancy team to develop your business.

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