About SK Consulting Africa

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best results.

Our Founder

Easily excited by new challenges and the undying commitment to making my contribution to this world, I tapped into the business world at a very young age. Nothing kick starts your love for business and  farming than being raised by your grandmother who makes sure you’re up by 04:00 during the farming season and you quickly get to work. I learnt how to milk cows, care and interact with livestock from a very young age ( as young as 4 years old) plant and deweed, harvest, store crops. I enjoyed it all, save the part where we had to herd goats. 

My grandmother setup a store for us (my sister and I) and we successfully ran it for a few months until farming season came about. Then we were on to the next project. My love for business started from that very first little shop and it has grown and taken on different forms as I’ve progressed in life.

Harvesting tons of crop to send to the Grain Marketing Board was always exhilarating, there is your hard work; the early mornings, the stress of too much or too little rain, the fear of the fence not being enforced well enough to keep livestock from coming in and devouring the crops and a constant prayer to keep the thieves away, all summed up in this glorious moment of loading and off-loading your sweat and in return making a ton of money, and going home with the satisfaction of knowing you have been a contributor to the food supply in the country. 

I went on to study BComm Accounting, did Project Management and went into Public Speaking as well. 


 I attribute my type A personality, work ethic, unwavering faith that nothing can fail for as long as you get up and put in the necessary work to my grandmother. 


This background has led me to build a versatile and outstanding organisation that is SK Consulting Africa. 



My name is Sibongakonke Khumalo (Miss K), lovely to meet you!

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet our clients expectations and to go the extra mile. We thrive to be great in everything that we do. 


Our Values

We pride ourselves  in Integrity, nothing builds a strong network like being true to principles at all times. Reliability; it is important to us that our clients know they can depend on us day and night all the while being Transparent in all our engagements. With us it’s Excellence or nothing.